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Shed Out All Fears As Male Sex Toys Are Here To Stay

January 25, 2017

Being ridiculed as an impotent or not manly is hard to digest. This is something which every man suffering from erectile dys functionality or sexual behavior has to go through.

Women, in this aspect have always attained leverage as she is free to employ different kinds of sex maneuvers and machines to discover new means to avail excitement and thrill in her sexual life. In contrast to that a man using a sex toy is being ridiculed in the society and cast out as an impotent or a person who lacks the power of manhood.

The Question Arises: —

Is the statement true? To answer this question, we have to analyze both sides of the coin.

  • Firstly, as social beings co-existing in a society, there are certain norms, traditions, expectations etc that follows. Although we speak boldly about adult sex machines, vibrators, dildos, cock rings and other such stuff in open discussions and talk-shows, there is still a taboo that rests upon men using fake sex machines to uplift sexual scenarios. This factor point towards a rather conservative and more traditional outlook which has been active in the society until a new era of digital awakening has dawned and shed away all the baseless rumors revolving around the usage of male sex toys.
  • This brings us to the second outlook which is very liberal and modern. Recent surveys and researches have proven that application of sex toys by men increases their sexual stability and helps in enhancing their erectile dys functionality, improve orgasmic function and augment sexual intercourses. Facts and figures don’t lie as eminent sexologists and urologists have spoken about the benefits of male sexmachines that promote high level orgasm which is good for physical and mental well-being.

So, inspite of all the social stigma and prevalent taboos, the rise of male sex toys is at its zenith as men are procuring the latest and advanced versions of sex vibrators, dolls, cock rings, flip holes, masturbators etc to gain experience and happiness. Take for example the Fleshlight which is stealing the show with its high quality features like shower mounts, sleeve warmers and a whole range of accessories, all summed up in a small torch shaped device or the Guybrator which sends to your private part stimulating strokes at an accelerating speed.

 Conclusion:— Debates and clash of opinions will definitely surf up in this battle of sex toys, the undermining question is—Whose side are you on? Although the first point sounds a bit pessimistic and quite antagonistic, the second picture draws a clear and optimistic approach towards the use of male sex gizmos. Since medical practitioners and doctors have pronounced that a good orgasm is healthy for the body, it should hardly matter whether it is brought about by silicon based sex toys or genuine bodily intercourses. At the end of the day all men aspire to be happy and give their fellow counterparts all the passionate love making doses and affectionate moments which were waiting to be vented out.